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I do not consider myself to be a "serious" landscape photographer, but I do enjoy good landscape pictures and will happily photograph landscapes when I have the opportunity.

The landscape is as much a part of nature as are the plants and animals that inhabit it, even when it has been modified by the "Hand of Man". And, just as we may miss the beauty and intricacy of the very small, often we are too busy or too distracted to enjoy and appreciate the very large.

And yes, I like sunsets....

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Bosham Harbour Sunset, East Preston Beach New Forest Sunset Evening at Tower Bridge London Sunset from St Pauls Misty Morning Misty Morning 2 South Downs in Winter Southampton Sunset Dorset Tractor Niagara Sunrise 2002 Niagara Sunrise 2002 Yellowstone Gorge and Falls, Yellowstone National Park ("place tripod here...") "Glop!" - Mud spring, Yellowstone National Park "The Ascent" (Bryce Canyon) Old Mine Workings near Telluride, Colorado Approaching Storm - Swiss Mountain Scene Rigi Kulm, Switzerland Approaching Storm - Swiss Mountain Scene

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