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The Hand of Man
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The Hand of Man

I have changed my mind several times over what to call this section. At first I simply called it "Miscellaneous", but there is a link between these pictures than this nondescript term does not reflect. I also considered "Cityscapes" as a gallery title, to contrast the man-made landscape with the natural one. However, I intend to include some images that do not necessarily depict the landscape, city or otherwise, so I eventually decided on "The Hand of Man". It may change again...

Whether these photographs can be considered "images from nature" is debatable, but I submit that we are as much a part of nature as any other creature; and as our creations, good or bad, leave their mark upon the natural world, they become a part of that world.

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"Ghost on a Marble Floor" "The Light Fantastic" "Neon Dreams" "Salt Lake Mosaic" West Quay Centre, Southampton (3 pictures)

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